Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 7.00%
Additional terms At the present time, Photonbuzz is offering its affiliates a 5% commission on the NET SALE PRICE AMOUNT. When you drive a sale to a product, Refersion will track and processes the sale, apply any charges or deductions, and then calculate the commission rate based on the remaining NET SALE PRICE AMOUNT. You can see a sample commission calculation by following the Program Terms and Policies link below for more detailed information about our program.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Hello and welcome to the affiliate program! If you're a blogger and you're writing focuses on subjects like solar energy, solar electronics, sustainability, emergency preparation, remote photography, travel, gadgets, hiking, camping and/or outdoor activities, our affiliate program might be for you. Become an affiliate...there is absolutely no harm in trying to make some money from your site....and with NO upfront costs. is a unique online store devoted to personal energy management using small scale solar power technology. We provide our customers and community with great information about the sun and solar energy on our blog and other informational buying guides and, of course, interesting, practical and effective portable solar gear and solar electronic products. Our product offerings, brands and manufactures focus on personal scale solar powered devices...that keep you energy ready and connected in any emergency or while enjoying the outdoors off the grid.

Why Personal Scale Solar? Solar energy is becoming more popular and relevant in our world, but millions people, commuters, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts still rely on finding a power socket to charge their phones or computers when they're batteries run down and they're off the grid. Crazy, huh? Our products help free people from some of these worries when they're outdoors hiking, playing or in an emergency when the power is out. Yes...the products at use personal scale and micro scale solar panels to capture the clean and free energy from the sun which is then converted to clean electricity for charging and recharging batteries, powering solar lights and other types of small and personal gadgets, tablets, phones and outdoor gear. Our products our designed to work while camping, urban trekking, site seeing, hiking, hunting, biking, surfing, boating/sailing, birding, remote/action or outdoor photography, or just relaxing and enjoying the beach or your child's soccer game. 

PhotonBuzz offers every sun loving gadget lover or the serious outdoor enthusiast practical personal scale solar energy solutions. As an affiliate, you can help spread the word...and monetize your blog too. It's really simple to give it a try!
Program Terms and Policies

Like many other dimensions of small business, we've put together a set of polices and program terms that you can review. Please see the link below for details. Please don't be intimidated by the "agreement," it covers a lot of areas. You can always contact us if you have any questions or comments too. We are glad to clarify and explain any details. Thank you.

Photonbuzz Affiliate Program Terms and Policies.